Campground Films was brought on to create a documentary style piece featuring interviews and live performances at the iconic Magic Door Recording for musician Brian Dunne

In addition we created three performance based pieces. The Kids Are All Grown was a multi-camera traditional recording studio setup. 

Optimist, was the most ambitious of the three featuring a one take moving camera that travels through the scene and covers the dynamic session as it unfolds. 

Angel Dream (No. 2) is a Tom Petty cover. We embraced the slower pace and lower energy of this with a fairly tranquil multi-camera setup and editing pace.
Director: Bradley Hasse /  
Director of Photography, Editor: Josh Weiss /
Music Producer: Ray Ketchem / 
Audio Director: Paul Vitolins /  
Audiographer: Tom Sullivan
Recording Studio: Magic Door in Montclair, NJ /   
Studio Assistant: Joe Colwell
Studio Assistant: Elliot Easterlin 
Label: Kill Rock Stars /  
Management: Marionette Management / 
PR: Missing Piece Group - John Hammond /  

with Tyler Rigdon (Keys), Chris Krueger (drums), Sam Gehrke (bass) 
Behind the Scenes
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